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Smarty Pants Mama

Smarty Pants Mama: October 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Daddy's Home!

"Daddy's home!" may be my munchkin's favorite words to hear! I just love the excitement she has when we notice his truck heading down the street from our front window! She is beside herself with excitement!
PS - I LOVE when her daddy is home too! ;-)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Peanut Butter Inventory!

I'm a Grocery Game junkie! I've saved well into the thousands in the last 15 months! Anyway, I found this shelf of my pantry quite you think I need more peanut butter?? Also, it may be hard to see, but there are 3 canisters of oatmeal in the back! I think I need to start checking my inventory and maybe make a few batches of peanut butter oatmeal cookies!! Yum Yum! Ha Ha!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Goldfish Made with Smiles! =)

Ok, so this made me stop and smile! The other day as I was opening a new bag of Goldfish, my latest fitness kick convinced me to look at the label and ingredients, (I try to be a health nut whenever possible!) Much to my surprise I came across the greatest 1st ingredient of any package of my pantry! According to the Goldfish Cheddar bag, the little fishies are, "Made with SMILES and... " What? Smiles? How great is that!? You know that the 1st ingredient is the ingredient of largest quantity in the item! So, I wonder, if you eat food made with lots of smiles, will you instantly have a smile on your face? I sure did! And, I bet you do too! :-) Go ahead, go find that bag of Goldfish and check it out!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Smell of My Birthday!

I'm from Long Island, NY and now call South Florida home. There are certainly things from NY that I miss. One of the most difficult to adjust to is the lack of seasons. Or should I say profound seasons. Yes, in Florida we do experience "winter," it's just a bit different than the winters in NY. The heat lessens, as does the humidity. People dress as if it's 20 degrees out, when the weatherman frightens the viewers with a chance of high 50s at night. It's a but amusing. Anyway, the season I miss the very most is autumn. I miss the leaves changing. I miss the leaves falling. And, most importantly, I miss the smell of the leaves. It's a smell that is so reminiscent of my childhood and my birthday. I have a birthday this month, and with just one whiff of an autumn leaf I know my birthday is approaching. One of my greatest friends knows that and sent me the most wonderful birthday goody - a box of autumn - full of leaves, pine cones and more! Now I know my birthday is soon!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Swimming Shark!!

Is it a shark??? LOL! I love this picture! She's just nearly 3 and looks like a shark in the water!

My daughter is starting another session of swimming this afternoon. Yes, we live where it's warm so swimming is easily a 12 month sport! Plus, the swimming school, Ocaquatics , has a new indoor facility that is beautiful!

Picture was taken with the Olympus Stylus-Tough 6000.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween Decorations....To do or not to do?

I still can't believe Halloween is just weeks away! Where has this year gone!?!?!
I've gotten more in the spirit this year with my near 3 year old munchkin asking for decorations! We have a few jack-o-lanterns and two scarecrows outside. My neighbors on the other hand are decked out with pumpkin lights, a witch, 4 scarecrows and who knows what else! My favorite so far this season has got to be the creepy crawly spiders climbing my friend's house. Yes, the scared the living daylights out of me the other day!


Friday, October 2, 2009

Testing Products - Enjoying the camera!

This month I'll be trying out a few products to see if they are Smarty Pants Mama reader worthy :-) Yes. I do hold you all in such a high regard ;-)

One product that is currently in "Testing Mode" is the Olympus Stylus Tough-6000. This waterproof, shockproof digital camera is FANTASTIC, so far! Check out the 1st picture I took of my, if I do say so myself, beautiful orchid out back! Can you tell that I'm excited!

Look forward to a complete review of this camera and more products in the weeks ahead!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pirate's Booty Treasure Winner - Kristi!

Congratulations to Pirate KRISTI! She has won the Pirate's Booty Treasure! Yipee!

Thank you to the many readers who attempted to capture the treasure!

Favorite Pirate's Booty Flavor

Aged White Cheddar - 21.4%
Barbeque- 7.1%
Veggie - 7.1%
Bermuda Onion - 14.3%
Sea Salt & Vinegar - 50.0%

Looks like Sea Salt & Vinegar is the flavor winner!