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The Smell of My Birthday!

Smarty Pants Mama: The Smell of My Birthday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Smell of My Birthday!

I'm from Long Island, NY and now call South Florida home. There are certainly things from NY that I miss. One of the most difficult to adjust to is the lack of seasons. Or should I say profound seasons. Yes, in Florida we do experience "winter," it's just a bit different than the winters in NY. The heat lessens, as does the humidity. People dress as if it's 20 degrees out, when the weatherman frightens the viewers with a chance of high 50s at night. It's a but amusing. Anyway, the season I miss the very most is autumn. I miss the leaves changing. I miss the leaves falling. And, most importantly, I miss the smell of the leaves. It's a smell that is so reminiscent of my childhood and my birthday. I have a birthday this month, and with just one whiff of an autumn leaf I know my birthday is approaching. One of my greatest friends knows that and sent me the most wonderful birthday goody - a box of autumn - full of leaves, pine cones and more! Now I know my birthday is soon!


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