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Tuesday, September 22, 2009 before it...can't even imagine!

Good Morning Smart Mamas!
I'm awaking on this 3rd day of some sort of nasty cold, virus thing. Yuck! I'm enjoying a cocktail of Chloraseptic, TheraFlu and Mucinex...oh joy!

Yesterday, in my poor sick me slump, I very much, thanks to DVR, enjoyed my own Project Runway marathon! It was great! I had 5 episodes to entertain me, one right after the other! I was interrupted a few times with my husband (who worked from home to be my wonderful caretaker) asking to watch a little Sports Center, every hour or so! I would let him steal the remote, just for a few minutes!

So life before you remember it?? I can't even fathom it at this point. If you were to look at my Recorded Programs, you would find everything from a number of Ghost Hunters episodes to the news clips from my Grocery Game TV debut in the spring! I also think the TV shows must love it too. Now instead of just watching one program last night at 8 PM. We watched How I Met Your Mother, and then House, all along also taping Heroes and Big Bang Theory to watch on a later date! I love it!
Now let's talk about how DVR has become a must-have tool for Smart Mamas!!! Is your box filled with episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, SuperWhy! or Dora?? Mine sure is! I try to sneak in a SuperWhy! episode whenever possible, and as it normally comes on when my munchkin is already at preschool, the DVR is perfect! I play the prior day's episode during breakfast, ensuring that she gets a little extra educational TV time to start her day ;-) Can you tell that I use to be a teacher!!!?? ;-)



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