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Antibiotics - We made it to 39 months!

Smarty Pants Mama: Antibiotics - We made it to 39 months!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Antibiotics - We made it to 39 months!

Well we made it until she was 39 months for her 1st dose of antibiotics. She had a nasty ear infection last month that actually came back (or maybe never went away) this month with the added bonus of some sort of respiratory infection. So now not only are we on antibiotics AGAIN, but the poor thing is on steroids and using a nebulizer 3x a day. My poor baby.

I think that 39 months antibiotic free is really good. What do you think? I'm not a health nut, although my recent postings about produce might convince you otherwise. We watch what we eat but we did finish a bag of Doritos yesterday. So how has she maintained this great immune system (obviously, up until now?) My guess: she has a vitamin a day, loves blueberries and devoured 3 months of my breastmilk (Thank you very much to the Medela Pump that made it possible - she wouldn't latch.) - of course the Doritos are an added bonus ;0)

They really scare you these days about the overuse of antibiotics. My cardiologist (I have MVP) now only wants me using them for serious dental work. They fear superbugs? First off, what exactly is a superbug? Are you envisioning a huge bug the size of a softball flying around like me?

What's your though on antibiotics and kids? Are your kids still antibiotic-free?

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