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Miami MetroZoo - best pass I've owned!

Smarty Pants Mama: Miami MetroZoo - best pass I've owned!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Miami MetroZoo - best pass I've owned!

One of the best gifts have I received as a mommy was a membership to our local zoo, Miami MetroZoo. It was a present back in Fall of 2008. We got such use out of it. The pass let me bring one child under the age of 2 (my daughter, obviously!) and another adult. It worked great. On the weekends, my husband was the adult and on the weekdays I could easily invite a friend with her child to come, free of charge! Great deal, right?!
A few weeks ago we hit the zoo after a few months of just not having the time. We had a BLAST! The animals were moving, the weather was perfect and we got a ridiculous amount of exercise in (the zoo is HUGE!) Best of all, we renewed our pass!
Check out this photo from when we fed the giraffe. The photo was taken with my iPhone - so there is no zooming...that's how close I really was - CRAZY!



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