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Smart Living - Tracking Water

Smarty Pants Mama: Smart Living - Tracking Water

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Smart Living - Tracking Water

Smart Living Challenge
I challenge YOU, my Smart Mama, to consider how much water you drink each day. I'm not telling you how much I think you should drink, I just want you to track it over the next week. Each day, between now and next Monday, I would like you to record each time you drink a full 8 oz glass of water. (Crystal Light counts, but not soda) You can record via a daily comment or in a notebook. Next Tuesday be sure to post a comment with the average number of 8 oz glasses of water you consumed.

Don't forget to subscribe to the feed so you'll get a daily reminder via my postings to track your Smart Living Challenge.

Next week I'll share some very useful info on water consumption. Did you know that 8 glasses a day isn't the recipe for EVERYONE? Some should drink more, and some even less! Come by next week to find out!



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