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Munchkin Monday - Baby David Gabriel!

Smarty Pants Mama: Munchkin Monday - Baby David Gabriel!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Munchkin Monday - Baby David Gabriel!

Smarty Pants Mama is pleased to announce this week's Munchkin Monday, Baby David Gabriel!

Name: David Gabriel
Birthday: March 5, 2007
Age: 13 Months

· The Itsy Bitsy Spider song
· Flushing the toilet
· Blowing kisses
· Dancing to any music - he dances to the music in the doctor's office, in elevators, at restaurants, and at Walmart. He also dances to the doorbell chime and Mommy's cell phone ringtone.
· Looking out the car window while we drive around town.
· Looking out the picture window in the living room.
· Chasing the vacuum cleaner.
· Listening to the answering machine on our telephone; if David gets hysterical, we play the answering machine messages to instantly calm him.
· WALKING! He just started walking like a pro on Thursday, April 3. One day he could only take one or two steps at a time, the next day he could walk room to room without even wobbling!
· Meeting new people. He has a smile and an enthusiastic "Hi!" for every new person he meets. We could hand him off to the cashier in the grocery store and he wouldn't cry.

· Diaper changes
· Going to sleep at naptime and bedtime
· Wearing hats
· Going to the doctor's office. At his 12 month well-child visit, he was screaming and crying while they weighed him and measured him. He is terrified of the stethoscope and he hates when the doctor looks in his ears. Of course, his least favorite part is getting shots.
· He is terrified of our pet tortoise, Rudy. Rudy is the size of a sweet potato, but David is afraid to go near him. He loves to watch Rudy when he is inside his habitat, but won't go anywhere near him when Rudy is walking around the house.

Enjoy Baby David Gabriel's mommy's blog,!

I know there is a special munchkin in your life! Maybe it's your daughter, your son, God-daughter/son, cousin or niece/nephew! Would you like your munchkin featured in Munchkin Monday? If so, please email photo of your Munchkin, name, birthday, likes, dislikes and any other funny/interesting information. Email: SmartyPantsMama at gmail dot com.



Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks for the linky love!! I've linked to your blog today so I can brag to all of my friends that my little love is famous!!

April 7, 2008 at 10:23 AM  

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