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Childrens' Book Review: Messing Around the Monkey Bars

Smarty Pants Mama: Childrens' Book Review: Messing Around the Monkey Bars

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Childrens' Book Review: Messing Around the Monkey Bars

I get this feeling in August each year. I hear the teacher chatter, the excitement of the new school year. Getting the classroom ready, from bulletin boards to desk arrangement, putting together new lessons and finding new books and materials that could make all the difference this year! In my 8 years as a teacher, most of them as a 3rd grade teacher, I was a regular at the local bookstore, teacher store and library, always wanting to find the latest and greatest resources for my kids!
I've realized that once a teacher, always a teacher, as I still find myself looking out for the best teacher materials, 4 years since my departure from classroom days!
One of my new must-haves for this year is Messing Around on the Monkey Bars by Betsy Franco, illustrated by Jessie Hartland. This book, as tested by a rising 2nd grader who I work with a few times a week, is fantastic and FUN! The book of poems includes over a dozen poems to demonstrate the art of voice in writing. The print
alternates between bold and not bold, with the author's intent of a different student assigned to each. Essentially, two students alternate lines through the poem, bringing life and humor to the poem.
I recommend this book for 3 - 6 grade readers.
Stay tuned for more teacher must haves for the 09-10 school year!

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