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Super Grocery Game Savings! B1G1 Free Using 2 Coupons!

Smarty Pants Mama: Super Grocery Game Savings! B1G1 Free Using 2 Coupons!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Super Grocery Game Savings! B1G1 Free Using 2 Coupons!

I must share my ridiculous savings at Publix this week!!! On Monday I went to Publix with my Grocery Game list and coupons. I walked out with $126 worth of groceries that I paid $56 for!!! Isn't that just unreal.???
Just last week I spoke with the store manager of my Publix to confirm that 2 coupons can be used in Buy One Get One Free promotions. I often get harassed by cashiers who try to claim that you can't use a coupon for something you get for free. Most times I am able to convince them that I'm right. Anyway, I sent Publix an email asking for clarification of their coupon policies and with a week the manger called. I was impressed. He confirmed that 2 coupons can certainly be used and he also mentioned that I can use competitor coupons. So, with all my new and confirmed knowledge I marched into Publix with my coupons, Grocery Game list AND a $10 off coupon from Winn-Dixie!

It really feels so good to save money, doesn't it?!!

If you're not a member of The Grocery Game ( yet, please be sure to try it out! It is worth every penny! They offer a FREE month so you really have nothing to lose!

Please include my email address when you join so I can receive referral credit: cubtie @ aol. com




Blogger Angela said...

ohhh, thanks for that tidbit! GTK!

August 14, 2009 at 5:11 PM  

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