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And the Winner is..... read to find out!!!

Smarty Pants Mama: And the Winner is..... read to find out!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

And the Winner is..... read to find out!!!

Thanks for the many responses for the Smarty Pants Product of the Week Giveaway for the Bottle Snuggler! Below are some of the responses! Read below to find out the name of the lucky winner!

  • teddybear
  • My snugglers are my nieces who kindly hold the bottle to help their Aunt feed Baby Brody. =)
  • My favorite is the precious puppy!
  • love the cuddly cow!
  • The Precious Puppy is so cute
  • As a first-time upcoming Grandma, this item would be perfect! Precious Puppy would be just right! Thanks for offering such a nice prize.
  • Cuddly Cow is my favorite, it's so cute!
  • Precious puppy
    I like the Charming Teddy Bear snuggler best. So cute!
  • i love the pinky pig
  • my snuggler is the precious puppy it is so cute
  • Yummy Yellow Bunny!
  • I would love to try precious pubby. So cute!
  • Oh, my snuggler is a charming teddy bear!
  • Charming Teddy Bear is my choice should I be fortunate enough to win.
  • Charming Teddy Bear
  • precious puppy
  • cuddly cow
  • puppy
  • yummy yellow bunny

And the lucky winner is..... Christine Walker! Congrats Christine!!!



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