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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Smart Living -

Ok, so there is no excuse now Smart Mamas! I've learned of a new website, that even comes with an app for your Blackberry or iPhone! This site provides exactly that! By entering your address, it will provide the healthiest options (specific items off a menu) that are closest to home. Here's what it found with my Miami location:

Now, I can certainly see that it is not 100% updated (there is a fantastic, rather new, salad shop that opened up less than a mile from home and I can't imagine that there salads aren't listed.) Although, I do like that yummy ice cream is listed as the 2nd, by distance, as healthy for me!
I do have to say that, can provide ideas on restaurants and menu items that you may not have thought about when figuring out what's out there that's healthy for lunch. That is exactly what a Smart Mama, living a Smart Living lifestyle needs.

Also, you are also able to organize the healthy options by distance, calories, fat and carbs!

Let me know if you try it out!



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