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Thank you Tech Savvy Mama for a GREAT solution!

Smarty Pants Mama: Thank you Tech Savvy Mama for a GREAT solution!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thank you Tech Savvy Mama for a GREAT solution!

On March 6th I posted my dilema:
I'm looking for recommendations on an image hosting website, such as Photobucket. I've been using Photobucket for about a year to store many of the images I use on this site. I'm pleased, but not thrilled. I know we are all Smart Mamas, but I know we're not all TECHY Smart Mamas, but I will take any ounce of advice. Tell me what sites you LOVE an which ones you HATE. Why? Thanks!!!!

Thank you Tech Savvy Mama of for the great suggestion about Picasa, a website (and software app) that I can use to host pictures I want to use on!

I had used Picasa some months ago but I was having a bad tech day (you know, one of those days that no matter what you do on the computer something odd happens) and I for sanity's sake blamed Picasa since it was my 1st day using it. Why does it feel good to put the blame on someone or in that case something else when technology is acting a bit bonkers!?!?? =)

Anyway, Tech Savvy Mama, I have reconsidered using Picasa and it is FANTASTIC! Thank you!



Blogger Tech Savvy Mama said...

You are welcome for the suggestion and I'm glad it is working for you! Thanks so much for the link love! :)

March 13, 2009 at 3:10 PM  

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