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Smart Mama Movie Review: Reign Over Me

Smarty Pants Mama: Smart Mama Movie Review: Reign Over Me

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Smart Mama Movie Review: Reign Over Me

Smarty Pants Mama had a great movie night yesterday! While enjoying yummy Chinese, we watched Reign Over Me. We never had heard of it but saw it listed on On Demand. We were very pleasantly surprised on how good it was. My husband and I are New Yorkers, and obviously have a very strong, personal connection to 9/11, so this 9/11 themed movie hit home.

The movie focuses on a widow (Adam Sandler) who not only lost his wife, but 3 young daughters and family dog, on that horrific day. He battles post traumatic depression disorder (PTSD) with the support of an old college roommate (Don Cheadle) and a therapist (Liv Tyler) throughout the film. Seeing Sandler play this serious role was obviously very different (Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore are some of my favorite Sandler movies!) His character displayed super typical behaviors of PTSD, that in ways reminded me of a depressed Happy Gilmore/Billy Madison. I know that sounds odd but the behaviors, and certainly understandable behaviors, were child-like: playing the same video game over and over, blaring music when he didn't want to hear something... I don't want to give away much more. You'll need to have a Smart Mama Movie Night and find out!

Any recommendations for my next Smart Mama Movie Night?



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