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And the winner is.....Jenn S.!!!!!

Smarty Pants Mama: And the winner is.....Jenn S.!!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

And the winner is.....Jenn S.!!!!!

And we have a winner!!!! The winner of the Smarty Pants Product of the Week Giveaway is Jenn S.! Congratulations!!!! I am certain that you will enjoy using Peek to keep in touch with your husband!!!

Jenn S. said...
The best way to get ahold of my husband is via email. For some reason he gets email before voice mails on his pocket PC. Would love to be able to get in touch with him even when I am out and about.

Thank you to the very many readers who participated in the giveaway!
I hope you all become regular readers!
Smarty Pants Mama...a.k.a Caroline



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