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Sing & Read Thursday! The Cow That Went Oink!

Smarty Pants Mama: Sing & Read Thursday! The Cow That Went Oink!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sing & Read Thursday! The Cow That Went Oink!

The Cow That Went Oink! by Bernard Most has become a favorite in our home! We currently own and enjoy the Spanish version, La Vaca Que Decia Oink! It’s such a cute story of a cow and a pig that have confused their sounds. The cow spends his time ‘oinking’ while the pig is a ‘moo-er.’ The two animals learn from each other the appropriate sounds, while the other animals from the farm laugh at them. This story teaches the reader/listener how to deal with criticism from your peers (ignoring the animals laughing), it also shows how determination and hard work pay off (the cow learns to moo and the pig oinks). For the younger listeners provides a chance to review animals found on a farm and their sounds – discriminating with correct and incorrect sounds.

This is a certainly a book to add to your Smart Mama collection! Enjoy with your little one, 6 months - 9 years.

You can find a link to purchase The Cow That Went Oink/La Vaca Que Decia Oink by Bernard Most on the right.

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